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You are a Diamond

The universe is a hologram

As humans we are a shard of this

Every part of the universe contains the whole

And each of us is that little part

And a copy of the whole That is immense and we do not know Thousands of years ago we knew so inside so outside so above so below To enrich ourselves with this insight the condition is to look symbolically There are many facets in us in which the whole truth waits for awakening We are told by the ancient sages that we must polish all aspects within ourselves

The more we polish and grind our inner self the brighter we will shine The roughly skewed square that the rhombus used to be has turned into a faceted gemstone

All those inner facets brought together brings us into our strength

Every person is a diamond We are in control of discovering this ourselves Cosmic reality resides in every facet We see in ourselves all humanity

Then Love re-cognizes itself In here lies the task of everyone to work towards

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